Whole-wheat sourdough pita

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Our pita are 100% whole wheat and sold in bags of eight (8). Use it to scoop up your favorite dips, especially some hummus and tahini with olive oil.


Make no mistake, these pita are sourdough products, but we retard the fermentation to keep the flavors mild. These pita are sold eight (8) to a pack. Each pita weighs around 80 g.

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Weight 2 lbs

1 review for Whole-wheat sourdough pita

  1. joann nitao

    Isn’t a typical pita more like 50 gr each (vs. 12.5 gr)?

    • dan_the_Bak3r

      oh yes; i don’t know what we were thinking when we wrote that. each pita should weigh around 80g

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